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QuickBooks Setup

    • What it includes:

      • Importing your list information into QuickBooks (chart of accounts, customer & vendor lists, etc.)

      • Setting up your beginning balances (bank accounts, AR/AP, assets, loans, etc.)

      • Customizing your forms and templates (estimates, invoices, sales receipts)

    • How it works:

      • You send us the information we request (beginning bank balances, customer lists, etc.)

      • We import your information into your new file

      • We send you your new file and teach you how to use it!

    • What it costs:


Plan Cost

New Company  $449

Existing Company  $549

Existing Company with Inventory  $649

QuickBooks Cleanup

    • What it includes:

      • Reclassifying transactions

      • Correcting unapplied customer and vendor payments

      • Cleaning out undeposited funds account

      • Correcting balances

    • How it works:

      • You send us an accountant’s copy of your QuickBooks file or we access through your computer

      • We make corrections in your file while you continue to work in QuickBooks

      • We send you our changes back which you can then import back into your file

    • What it costs:


Repair Up to 4 hours:    $369          Minor             QuickBooks cleanup issues

Restore Up to 6 hours:  $569          Moderate      QuickBooks cleanup issues

RebuildUp to 8 hours:   $769          Major            QuickBooks cleanup issues

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