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Payroll Processing

  • What it includes:

    • Paying your employees

    • Processing your payroll tax deposits

    • Preparing and filing your payroll tax forms (Forms 940, 941, W-2s, W-3, etc.)

  • How it works:

    • You send us your payroll data (employee’s time, pay rates, commission, etc.)

    • We pay your employees via check or direct deposit

    • We notify you when payroll has been processed and when tax deposits are due

    • We process your payroll tax deposits and file your payroll tax forms

  • What it costs:

    • Payroll is outsourced...costs depends on payroll software used


Sales Tax Filing

    • What it includes:

      • Preparing and filing your sales tax forms and payments

    • How it works:

      • You send us your taxable sales information

      • We prepare your sales tax form and communicate to you the amount of sales tax due

      • You approve the amount due and we process your sales tax payment



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